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Cleanse Packages


Each daily cleanse package contains one of each of our Signature Six:

  • Green with Envy
  • Sunny
  • Beet It
  • Hydrate Tonic
  • Resilient Tonic
  • Detox Tonic

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  • Shake tonics and juices vigorously before enjoying.
  • Drink your juices and tonics slowly. They will make you feel more satisfied and allow your body to fully absorb nutrients.
  • Drink in proper order, #1 through #6, every 2 to 3 hours.
  • Drink lots of purified water (64oz+). Helps get rid of toxins faster and keeps you hydrated.
  • Raw fruits and vegetables (organic if possible). Less energy is spent on digesting, leaving more energy to clean the body during your detox.
  • Whole, unprocessed grains.
  • Raw nuts and seeds.
  • Homemade, broth-based, organic vegetable soups. Helps any side-effects of cleansing like low energy, headaches, or sluggishness.
Homemade smoothies.
  • Include fruits, greens, and nuts. 
Get plenty of sleep. That is when your body heals the best. Perform light-to-moderate exercise. Your body needs to focus on healing and flushing out toxins. You need a break!

Listen to your body and do the best you can to follow the schedule of juices and tonics during your cleanse. Enjoy as much relaxation as you can by meditating, doing yoga, etc.

  • No added sugars or processed ingredients.
  • Meat. It creates acidity and slows cleansing.
  • Iodized Salt. It constricts membranes and holds onto toxins in your body.
  • Fried Foods. Clogs and congest arteries and digestive tract.
  • Coffee, Soda and Alcohol. These produce stress on the adrenal gland, liver and endocrine systems.
The body is a natural healing machine with fantastic detoxifying abilities, but sometimes our hectic lifestyles lead us to neglect our bodies by making bad food choices. This is where a cleanse can help by resetting the body. Drinking only raw organic juices helps the body eliminate toxins digested from the processed, toxic foods we eat and allow the body to repair faster and more efficiently.
A cleanse resets the body and allows the body to do what it does best – HEAL ITSELF! Our juices and tonics provide vitamins, nutrients, and enzymes that allow this process to happen more effectively. So what exactly does this mean or you?

    • Reduced bloating
    • Boosted immune system
    • Heightened senses
    • Reduced joint pain
    • Rejuvenated and clearer complexion
    • Normal digestion
    • Reduced inflammation
    • Improved metabolic function
    • Deeper and more restful sleep
    • Increased energy
    • Reduced cravings
    • Restored alkalinity (ph balance)
    • Released toxins
Everyone reacts differently during a cleanse. Many people experience zero side effects or changes in energy level and mood, GREAT! Others may experience fatigue, sluggishness, and headaches, ugh. But don’t fret! This is completely normal and the benefits are well worth it. You will feel like a new, more energized person post cleanse. Oh, and your skin…it will glow!
We typically recommend a 3 or 5 day cleanse because this is an adequate amount of time to achieve the benefits of a cleanse both internally and externally.  Basically, the longer the cleanse time, the greater the benefits because you are flooding your system with an abundance of nutrients, so if you can go longer than 5 days we absolutely encourage you to do so!
There are two main types of fiber in fruits and vegetables; soluble and insoluble.  Insoluble fiber includes cellulose, hemicellulose, and lignins. These are mostly removed from the juice, but soluble fiber; pectins, gums, and mucilage are still present in the juice. Not consuming insoluble fiber for a certain period of time is not harmful. Many people find that during a cleanse bowel movements remain normal, but for many who struggle with digestive issues and irregular bowel movements or constipation, a cleanse helps to regulate bowel movements by improving the digestive system. When insoluble fiber is removed from the diet, it allows for easier absorption of nutrients. So during a cleanse, you are maximizing your nutrient intake.
No problem! Everyone is different. If you are not able to drink all the juices and tonics for a given day, simply save them for after your cleanse and you can continue to cleanse for an additional day, or slowly come off the cleanse by drinking the remainder of juices and tonics while you start to incorporate food back into your diet. It’s extremely important to drink lots of water between your juices and tonics while cleansing.
Yes. We label the juices and tonics to make it easy for you to follow the recommended order. The order is carefully thought out given the benefits of each drink. Having said that, if you desire to adjust the order to better suit your needs,  that’s fine too. As we always say, everyone is different, so do what works for you!
Slow down during a cleanse. Light workouts are best. Listening to your body is important. During a cleanse is not the time to push yourself, it is a time to rest, repair, and rejuvenate.  Our recommendation is to take it easy. Wait what?! …Yes, we just gave you permission to take it easy…when the heck does that happen???

Disclaimer: Jinsei Juice products are not meant to treat, prevent, diagnose, or cure. All information provided from Jinsei Juice and its staff should not be interpreted as medical advice.

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