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All About Jinsei Juice

Jinsei Juice is an organic cold-pressed juice and tonic company based out of Washington, DC.  Jinsei means “life” and we want to bring you back to LIFE with our assortment of nutritional juices and tonics.

With our fast paced lives and hectic schedules we tend to neglect our bodies.  That’s where Jinsei comes in!  Let us do the work while you enjoy the benefits.  We choose the freshest, organic produce and nutritionally dense superfoods to create the best tasting juices and tonics.  We do not pasteurize or add preservatives, additives, or any shelf altering properties. These delicious concoctions are jam-packed with vitamins, minerals and just plain awesomeness!

Meet The Founders

Indira RuizCEO / Founder
Indira Ruiz is the CEO/Founder of Jinsei Juice. She is of Nicaraguan decent, born in Venezuela. Indira came to the United States at the age of 6 and was accustomed to a fresh and natural way of eating. Raw juice was always a part of the menu growing up and her mom cooked using the freshest ingredient, creating flavorful meals that led to Indira’s affection for composition.

Indira began her career in the health and fitness industry in early 2000 working at a fitness facility in membership sales and management; and slowly transitioned into personal training. While training her clients over the years, she recognized their struggle to maintain a healthy diet given their hectic schedules. So, Indira started making meals for her clients, but she sensed this was not enough and many of her clients simply were not getting the vital nutrients in their diet. Motivated by her love of cooking and a desire to offer healthy options, she began experimenting with juice and tonic recipes.

In 2011, equipped with years of practice, research and knowledge in healthy cooking, Indira began to educate herself on the profound impact of fresh, cold-pressed, raw, organic ingredients, and created Sunny, Beet It, Green With Envy, Detox Tonic, Resilient Tonic, and Hydrate Tonic, now known as Jinsei’s Signature Six.

Her clients loved the products, and better yet, she had them feeling more energized than ever. Word spread quickly, and suddenly, she was taking orders.

By 2014, Indira was ready to entertain the idea of creating a new business and knew just the person to ask.

Theresa WeberPartner / Director of Business Development
Theresa is Partner/Director of Business Development at Jinsei Juice. Original from West Reading, PA, she made her way to Washington, DC in 2002 to work on Capitol Hill. She started her career in DC working for Congressman Tim Holden (D-PA) as Scheduler.

In 2003 she moved into the private sector joining WPP as the Executive Assistant to Howard Paster. After 3 years, Theresa moved to an affiliate company within WPP, Prime Policy Group, where she spent 10 years as Director of Operations. In that role, she created the marketing strategy, and implementation. She managed the firm’s compliance records, client contracts, hiring, employee relations, recruitment, and training and development.

In 2015, Theresa knew a career change was in order. Suffering from profession depression (no, seriously), a feeling of being completely unfulfilled professionally weight heavily on her. She had a deep desire to do something entrepreneurial; and ultimately make a difference in people’s lives. So, when Indira approached her with an idea, the timing was perfect!

And the rest is history in the making! Ever since, we have been bringing flavor to DC in a healthy and fun way. We have a passion for life, which is why our line of juices and tonics are simply amazing – we put a lot of love into our product line! But don’t take our word for it, come by for a tasting!